2017 MAY

M I L E S T O N E :  A L P H A   D E M O

We have been working in parallel with a lot of the game’s stages this far in development, but now we have reached satisfactory completion for one of them. This means that we have a "vertical slice" of the game with every kind of content that we want it to contain, from in-game graphics and gameplay to menus and music. And more importantly it’s now playable using only a controller, without interaction from the editor. A select number of testers will get their hands on this demo soon to be able to play it and give us valuable feedback to consider while we continue to work on the rest of the game.

M E E T I N G   T H E   P U B L I C

In February we were invited to show Genocron at the California State University Stanislaus. We met some passionate students and had a great time answering their questions and watching them try to break the game in front of us while they where trying it out.

On April 29th the biggest retro game festival in Scandinavia – Retrospelsmässan – took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. Robert attended and had our alpha demo ready for anyone who wanted to play. Even though expos are very exhausting to attend, it is always worth it when you see the first impression on a new player's face when they enjoy the game.
“A big thanks goes out to all of you who stopped by and tried out the game. I will be bringing all the positive vibes back to the studio!”